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10 Reasons Why People Need Health Insurance

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It is a fundamental right of the individual to attain the best health amenities. You should remember that you might be healthy and young today but not forever. Any mishappening can strike anytime. So, one should be prepared for any unforeseen situation or problem. Apart from staying physically and mentally healthy, one must have a health insurance policy as it will work as coverage and can help during any treatment phase.

Age groups must not be any barrier when it comes to taking health insurance as there is a decrease in the health of individuals and a rise in the mortality rate. So, the moment you realize who important health insurance is, get it and don’t delay.

Health Insurance- What Is This?

It is an agreement where the insurance company agrees to pay the compensation amount guaranteed to bear your medical experience when the insured met with an accident and is hospitalized or if the insured is ill.

These insurance companies have bonds with the hospitals and the insured can avail cashless treatment. And, if the insurance companies have no ties up then all the money paid by the insured will be reimbursed by them. The government also endorses these health insurance policies by providing deductions from income tax.

Need Of Health Insurance

need of health insuranceHaving an insurance policy is essential for every individual as medical care is expensive and mostly in the private sector. Without a health insurance policy, the hospital expenses are unbearable to pay for a middle class person. This situation can be avoided only by paying a small annual amount that will lessen your burden when you need medical assistance.

With a good health insurance policy, you can bear all the expenses whether it is medical test costs, doctor’s consultancy payment, hospitalization fees, medicinal payment, or post recovery cost.

Advantages Of Health Insurance Policy

Get Cashless Treatment

If you are insured then you can avail cashless treatment as all the fees will be given by the insurance company.

Transportation Charges

The health insurance policy also covers the amount that one has to pay to an ambulance.

Rent of Hospital Room

According to the amount of premium paid, the insurance company also bears the rent of the hospital room, where the insured can rest and get all the medical treatment.

Cost Coverage

As per the insurance plan purchased by the insured, your pre and post hospital cost is completely covered.

Medical Checkup

There are also some options where you can get health checkups. There are some of the health checkups that you can avail yourself of for free.

Tax Advantage

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the premium that the insured pays for the health insurance policy is also tax deductible.

10 Reasons Why A Person Must Buy a Health Insurance Policy

1. Cost Effective Investment

When you are diagnosed with any specif`ic disease be it mild or chronic, it is tough to get a health insurance plan. It is advisable to get the plan before any problem strikes. If you don’t have medical insurance and any problem strikes then surely you are going to be bankrupt by paying off the medical charges. So, it is important that you buy a health insurance plan which comes under your budget and has a low premium amount.

This premium amount works as an investment in the coming future if any problem strikes; you can recover double or even thrice of the amount paid.

2. Get the Free Health Checkups With These Insurance Policies

Another value based healthcare Asia plan includes free health checkup, you can have the check ups once in five to six claim free years. Some of the policies provide free health checkups when the tests are performed in the hospitals that have bonds with the insurance companies.

3. Entire Treatment Cost is Covered 

health-insurence-costIf you don’t have any health insurance policy then definitely, you will hesitate to go to the doctor even for the general checkups. However, what people don’t understand is the small disease might turn into some serious health disease in the future if you don’t treat it now. Generally, an individual who does possess health insurance will go for regular checkups before the problem turns worse.

4. Plan Also Bear Domiciliary Treatment

The insurance plan also covers the domiciliary treatment charges when a person has made up a mind to get the whole treatment from home. The insurance policy also covers the fee of the attendant. But with this, there is some restriction within which one can extend the benefit.

5. Widen Your Network

The health insurance policy sometimes undergoes through the partnership with several hospitals. When the population health Asia decides to take the health insurance plan then the service provider can also help you with selecting the right treatment process and will convince you to get the treatment from the renowned hospital. So, when you get the health insurance plan, it will also expand your network.

6. Get Your Medicines Without Thinking About the Charges

health-insurence-coverWhen you get the health insurance plan then it will also cover the medicine that the insured purchased as recommended by the doctor. And, on the other hand if you don’t have an insurance plan then you have to buy the medicines at higher prices.

With this, the insurance companies are very flexible. As if there is any medicine that is not covered under the plan then you can ask the doctor to write a letter to the insurance company and they can state how essential the medicine is for you. The insurance company will definitely extend the coverage for that specific medication.

7. Pre Existing Diseases Are Also Covered

Some health insurance companies provide you coverage for the health diseases that is diagnosed before getting the health insurance plan. You just have to provide all the relevant documents related to the medical ailments then all the charges for the treatment related to the particular disease will be bear by the insurance company.

8. With Insurance Policy Get the Tax Benefits

You can avail plenty of tax benefits with the insurance policy. According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can leverage the tax benefits around 25,000 rupees every year. There are several tax benefits available for every age group.

9. Insurance Plans Are Flexible

health-insurence-benefitThere are different plans available according to every category and age group. There are different plans available for the salaried person and self employed person. The insurance plans are quite flexible and you can get one according to your convenience and requirement.

10. Get Convalescence Benefit With Health Insurance Plans

  Convalescence benefits are also known as recovery benefits where the health insurance policy provider will also bear the recovery expenses of the insured. If the insured is hospitalized for a prolonged time and even if the amount is big then the whole amount will be paid off by the insurance service provider.

Final Takeaway

The unforeseen situation can come at any time. And, if you have a health insurance policy then you don’t have to worry about the charges for the treatment as the policy provider will cover it all. They will bear all the expenses of the treatment starting right away with the charges of diagnosing the problem to paying the expense while undergoing the surgery. Thus, it is important to keep yourself insured by getting a health insurance premium.

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