6 Weird Things about Running

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Does running is an excercise?

Running is an excellent exercise that helps you involve your full body. Where most exercises are just for targeting one group of muscles, there are only a few that will help you target your whole body.

If we compare exercises that only focus on one part of the body, this means that you will require a lot more time to engage the whole body and this will still mean that you need to work more. With simple exercises that help you engage your whole body, you don’t have to specifically focus on one kind of muscle because this helps you work on your whole body.

Running resolves all these issues, it helps with improving the blood flow, it is an excellent cardio exercise and your body will be able to burn calories all over the body and not just on one part of the body.

Most people do not focus on running because it is not glorified by the exercises and fitness based brands. In most cases, when these brands benefit from gym memberships or expensive equipment they try to endorse it. However, with running you always have multiple options.

You can either get a really expensive sportswear from a brand with high end running shoes, expensive tracking gadgets and treadmill or you can save all that money and switch to a very simple sports brand and go out in a park for your daily run.

In short, this is a very budget friendly option and in a capitalist society people do not want someone to benefit from a good exercise without paying a hefty fee.

running excersize With the help of this article, we will help you know in detail about the way running affects our body. We will also talk about some simple ways that can help you customize your running. Another very important thing that we will mention is the way running helps the body and also some much unexpected ways running changes your body for good.

How Running Works?

When we eat more than we require, the body as a way just stores the extra food in the form of fats. This is used later when you exercise and do not have enough food consumed. This means that you are getting rid of extra calories or extra fats that are stored in the body. There are three ways your body uses this fat. This includes the

  • Body function like breathing or thinking
  • Healing like fixing the broken cells, replacing the scared tissues etc.
  • This also includes physical activity like running

Now that we cannot work on healing or on increasing the bodily function we just work on amplifying the fat burning through the physical activity. With physical activity if you want to increase the fat burning you need to select an exercise that will target multiple muscles.

With just one move you will be able to move all muscles and with each muscle movement you will be burning more calories. In short, if we look at the muscle movement we can say that running will be considered as the best

jogging-excersize exercise.

How to Customize Running?

Burning fat is the main goal for everyone however, some just run for the sake of increasing stamina, others like some cardio whereas there are a few people who focus mainly on muscle strengthening. All in all your goal will help you dictate how much or at what pace you will be running. Some of the ways you can customize your running include

  • Change the pace of running or the intensity
  • Change the distance of running
  • Change the time of running

With the fat burning the main thing is that the intensity should be less but the overall time should be more. On the contrary if you want to burn carbs you just need to amplify the intensity and not the time.

When most people do not have enough time they just switch to an easy 15 minutes workout with high intensity that burns crabs and does not change the fat content in the body.

To 6 Weird Things That Will Change Your Opinion about Running

With so many benefits that we have already mentioned, here are some of the weirdest facts about running that will help you understand the pros and cons of running in a better way. 

  • Runner’s Knee is a stress induced pain that is caused by continuous running which is the reason daily running is not preferred. Instead, it is advised that people should take a few days’ rest.
  • Black toe nails are one of the worst issues that most people report. This is due to internal bleeding within the nail. The best thing is to wear good comfortable shoes that will protect your body.
  • Skin rashes are pretty common especially when the skin rubs off the skin. The best thing is to apply powder or wear something that helps in covering the thighs and other areas where skin rubs on skin.
  • Constant urge to urinate is one of the biggest issues for running. The best way to resolve this issue is to stay hydrated because mostly the body is trying to clench your bladder just to retain the moisture within the body that causes this uncomfortable feeling.
  • Tummy aches and stress pains are pretty common but with running this helps you detect that your body needs to stretch. Most people feel a renal pain which is another very important reason that affects your running.
  • Running sometimes helps in detecting joint issues but stress testing. It is a very good way to make sure that your body is happy and healthy just by testing it with 15 minutes of running every day.running-type

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that running is one of the most effective yet underrated exercises. It is best for pocket and for health alike. Where most people complain about the time and the viability of equipment, this exercise offers a great alternative so that everyone can enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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