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We are always committed to provide high standard treatment with all latest dental technology and instruments

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We provide painless dental treatments for anxious and nervous patients, so then can feel comfortable during produres`

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To prevent spreading infection, we follow strict sterilization protocol and maintain healthy hygiene area in dental hospital

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Best Dentist in Rajkot, Gujarat?

Why should you visit to Sanjivani Dental Hospital- Best dental clinic in Rajkot City

Sanjivani Dental Hospital- Top Dental Hospital in Gujarat ,150 Feet Ring Road is one of the most preferred dental clinic in the Rajkot. The doctor is known to have extensive dental training and an excellent ability to treat all dental problems with efficiency, dedication and precision Since-2012.

The doctor aims at focusing on patient satisfaction and making dental treatment a pleasant experience with our relaxed and comfortable environment, painless dental procedures along with a friendly staff.

Because of this strong work culture Sanjivani Dental hospital has earned a loyal clientele over the years. Our state-of-the-art clinic is well-equipped with the latest of technological instruments to provide high-quality dental treatment in Rajkot

While delivering personalized treatment, whether it is just dental cleaning or a complete makeover of your smile, you get quality Dental treatment which is better than others.

Dr. Divyesh Patel

Dental surgeon

Commited to Excellence

Best Dental Clinic in Rajkot

Dental Services At Sanjivani Dental Clinic

What makes us different from other Dental clinic in Rajkot

With Sanjivani Dental Hospital – Dental Clinic in Rajkot offer professional team of dentists and state-of-the-art facilities

We at sanjivani Dental clinic serve extensive dental treatments under one roof. We take pride in providing Dental treatment throughout the Rajkot city and surrounding area with the best dentistry in a friendly, caring environment. At Sanjivani Dental Clinic, We provide all kinds of dental treatments for people of all ages.

All of our Dentists are qualified and recognized as specialists by the Dental Council. Our professional Dentist provides our patients with general routine dentistry, as well as more complex dentistry, such as cosmetic, restorative dentistry, endodontic, and orthodontic treatment.

In our Dental Clinic in Rajkot we provide all facilities and utmost care to our patients. The treatments are offered by us at highly affordable charges for the complete satisfaction of patients. We strive to educate, motivate, and promote regular preventive care so that the clients enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smile & optimum oral health. In case of a Dental emergency, we allow patients to make quick appointments on call. Our Dentist Near you is Always ready to serve you for any emergency.

7 tips to maintain healthy teeth and gums

Health Tip
Rita vyas
Rita vyas
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Excellent… Complete painless treatment,
Dr.Divyesh patel is very gentle, skilled person, they are using advanced technology, i highly recommend for any dental problem.
Vijay rupareliya
Vijay rupareliya
Bussiness owner
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Awesome experience with wisdom tooth removal...
Totally pain less experience...
Having friendly environment with latest technology.
Nitin patel
Nitin patel
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I lost my teeth, Dr. Divyesh identify the problem, with x-ray and advice dental implant. I have a wonderful experience, nicely done, without any plain, Dr. Divyesh is very gentle and explained all treatment modalities, Best Dentist in Rajkot!!
Kajal viradiya
Kajal viradiya
IT job
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I have been here to solve my tooth pain.It was done very nicely.I underwent root canal treatment it was painless. Everything is very good. Doctors way of explanation, treatment(painless). Affordable to middle class people like me as well. Only thing is since it has a very good experienced It attracts huge crowd as his way of treatment is much better than others.
Dr Dhara patel
Dr Dhara patel
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I did my root canal was painless experience,
clinic staff was very gentle.
Excellent treatment &great job...
Naresh Parmar
Naresh Parmar
Govt. Job
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Good experience, good staff support
I visited for my teeth cleaning, my teeth become yellowish due to tobeco stains, dr did very good cleaning and my teeth become white.
Chitra Gunasekaran
Chitra Gunasekaran
MNC employee
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I also take treatment for this hospital, We are from Tamil Nadu - Coimbatore name Chitra Gunasekaran.
We are very satisfied about your treatment Dr. Divyesh. He do his job 100% heartly. God blesh him all success, health & happy life.

Best Dental Clinic In Rajkot

Patient's experience at sanjivani dental clinic-Rajkot

Dental clinic in rajkot - Sanjivani Dental Hospital

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root canal treatment in rajkot
Dr Divyesh Patel

દાંતની રૂટ કેનાલ શું છે? શા માટે કરવી જરૂરી છે?

આદર્શ રીતે તો તમારા દાંત આજીવન તમારી સાથે રહેવા જોઈએ, પરંતુ કમનસીબે દાંતમાં સડો અથવા ઈજાને કારણે જો દાંતમાં ઇન્ફેક્શન થાય તો દાંતને બચાવવા રૂટ કેનાલ ટ્રીટમેન્ટની જરૂર પડે. પહેલાના સમયમાં આવા દુઃખતા, સડેલા દાંતને

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Dr Divyesh Patel

દાંત માટે કઈ ટુથપેસ્ટ સારી?

આપણે ટીવી પર એવી ઘણી જાહેરાત જોઈએ છીએ જેમાં લોકો એવું પૂછે છે કે, શું તમારા ટુથપેસ્ટમાં મીઠું છે? કારણ કે એનાથી દાંત પરના બધા કીટાણુ મરી જાય છે.

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Dr Divyesh Patel

શું તમને પેઢાં નો રોગ પાયોરીયા તો નથી ને ? જાણો તેના કારણો અને ઉપાય .

પાયોરિયા દાંતનો સૌથી વધુ થતો રોગ છે અને દાંત ગુમાવવાનું સૌથી મોટું કારણ છે. આ રોગમાં દાંતના બંધારણને કોઈ નુકશાન થતું નથી પણ દાંતના મુળીયાંને જડબાની અંદર મજબુત રીતે જકડી રાખતી

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