About us

Sanjivani Dental Hospital and Implant Centre has been providing high-quality and personalized dental care to its patients since the year 2012

We are a dedicated team committed to providing and maintaining your oral health by ensuring strict hygiene protocols. Our services include cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, paediatrics, prosthodontics, endodontic, periodontics, and Implant dentistry, all under one roof. With the upcoming newer technologies, materials and treatment options, we believe in delivering the best to our patients.

Our aim is to provide painless dental treatment to our patients which leaves them with a pleasant and a comfortable experience. We provide individual attention coupled with accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for each patient that visits us. We offer flexible appointment schedule, affordable dental treatments and cost-effective solutions to your future dental problems. We listen to your needs and wants and strive continuously to review our processes to offer the best dental care for you.

Our Core Doctors Team

dr-divyesh patel sanjivani dental clinic

Dr Divyesh Patel

(B.D.S.,C.O.I.D.) Dental Surgeon & implantologist
Chief Dentist at Sanjivani Dental Clinc

dentist in rajkot dr-nehal patel female

Dr Nehal Patel

(B.D.S.,C. Endo, C. cosmetic.)Gold Medalist
Dental Surgeon & Root canal specialist


Dr Vidisha patel

(B.D.S., crown and Bridge dentistry)
Associate Dental Surgeon


Dr Heena patel

(B.D.S., Aesthetic dentistry -Pune)
Associate Dental Surgeon

Our Consultant Doctors

Dr. Ankit Sirodaria

(Maxillofacial Surgeon)

Dr. Jigar Kalariya


Dr. Maitray Bhalodiya

(Basal Implantologist & Hair Transplant)

Dr. Harsh Dave


Dr. Ravi Sureja


Dr. Aum Joshi

(Pedodontist – Child Dental Specialist)

Why us

Convenient location

Sanjivani dental clinic was located in heart of city, that is 150 feet ring road, mavadi area in Rajkot, Gujarat. So patients can easily reach us from all around Rajkot and its suburbs.

Our hospital is easily accessible by all modes of public transports that are bus stop, railway station and the airport.

Well Trained & Experienced Staff

Providing quality patient care is our top priority. Our staff works hard to ensure that you’re comfortable through every stage of your visit—before, during, and after your appointment.

Our skilled and professional team is dedicated to giving you and your family the optimal oral health, using the newest equipment. Besides, our staff makes sure that you receive all the information related to your treatment (X-rays, intra oral photographs, etc.) in order to maintain trust and transparency in our hospital.

Pain free Dentistry

With the ever advancing field of Dentistry, we promise to keep all your treatments pain free with our newest techniques and equipments.

Our efforts always aim at eliminating the use of old devices and techniques that cause patient discomfort. We also focus on dispelling dental phobia through counseling and behavior management specially for children and create brilliant smiles to transform your personality.

Comprehensive Patient Care

We have the finest options for General and Specialized dental treatment. Whatever your needs are, at Sanjivani dental clinic we always use high quality, durable, bio-friendly materials that focus on best dental treatment results.

We are a one stop solution to all dental problems.

Advanced Technology

Dental field is continuously transforming with technological innovation. We at sanjivani dental clinic adopt new and improved technology that helps us to more efficient and effective in our practice.

This ultimately improves dental treatment results, allowing fewer dental visits, pain free process, less discomfort—making a healthy smile more affordable.
Know our Technologies

Doctor’s credentials

We frequently attend national and international conferences for updating our knowledge, Technology and techniques to provide you best from our knowledge.

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