Our Technology

In today’s digital era patient is exposed to advanced technology every day, and expects to find the same high-tech welcoming environment at the dental hospital

We are challenged to keep up with the advancement of technology to remain productive, efficient, and competitive, and delivering better services to patients.

Consider creating an equipment and technology investment account, allocating a certain percentage of production each year to this fund to aid in making meaningful investments. Hence at our practice, you will be well positioned to enjoy very high success rate in the new digital age of dentistry

At Sanjivani Dental Hospital, we’re focused on ensuring you receive comfortable, compassionate care with amazing outcomes. It’s why we’re proud to feature the most technologically-advanced Dental hospital in Rajkot

Few of our Dental technologies are mentions below

clinic chair rajkot

Hi-Tech Dental Chairs

At Sanjivani dental hospital we have 4 hi-tech dental chair units. They are equipped with retractable valves that prevent oral fluids from flowing back into the chair tubing. We have also extra cushion on setting so patient will feel comfortable during treatment

Dental X-Rays

We have x-ray sensor (made in USA) OPG machine (carestream- made in USA) to take x-ray of both jaws along with all teeth in single shot. which gives instant digital x-ray on screen, and require very less radiation exposure.

dental x-ray in rajkot
dental cleaning in rajkot

Instrument Sterilization

In simple word Sterilization is make instrument germ free. we follow one patient one instrument rule.

For that we have various instruments, like Autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaner, sealing machine and disinfection solutions etc.

Intra Oral Camera

We have high resolution intra oral camera to find out tiny cavities or infections, patient can see their problems in screen.

This camera delivers real-time video and images of your tooth surfaces, gum condition, and other details like small cavities that cannot be clearly seen with the naked eye.

intra oral camera in rajkot
dental implant kit

Dental Implant Instruments

We use NSK -Surgical physiodispenser (made in japan) to place dental implant without any pain or discomfort.

We have advance drilling system like Adin- (made in Israel) and Densah Bur (made in USA) to drill implant site , this is revolutionary product help in preserver jaw bone in dental implant surgery

Digital 3D Impression

You don’t need to bite down slimy and bitter material to make an impression for a crown or a bridge. You feel nausea or vomiting while taking measurement of your teeth came to Sanjivani Dental Hospital and take advantage of 3D scanning technology.

3D scanning technology gives more accurate diagnosis and perfect fitting of teeth (Dental crown, bridges, dental implant, smile designing, Dental veneer etc.

mouth scanner in rajkot
electrocautry in rajkot

Electro Cautery

We have Rf Smart cautery and electro cautery (made in Germany) for blood less surgical treatment,

This instruments helps in faster works, provide clean field and less post-operative pain

Rotary Tools

Sanjivani Dental Hospital used world-class rotary tools from Germany and Japan, which are used for drilling. They enable doctors to drill with greater precision, less noise, and less vibration, all advanced tools helps to get faster treatment.

dental tools
root canal in rajkot

Endo motor & Apex locator

We have NSK-endomotor (made in japan) and I-root Apex locator (made in korea) to perform painless single visit root canal treatment.

These instruments provide high accuracy in root canal treatment, so we can perform difficult case with ease

UV Light Disinfection Cabinets

Specific wave length UV light eliminates virus and micro bacterial contaminants and maintain germ free environment for surgical instrument.

We have UV Light Disinfection Cabinets to store autoclaved instrument until used in patients,

uv chamber rajkot

Do You know, Electric toothbrush clean your teeth fast and efficient than regular toothbrush

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