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Instrument Sterilization

At Sanjivani dental hospital, we follow one patient one instrument rule. We never use any used instrument in other patient.

We always take care that you get the best in dental care. All our instruments undergo 6 step sterilization protocols.

Here is the step by step process of Sterilization:

  • Step 1: Wash & Scrub
  • Step 2: Chemical Sterilization
  • Step 3: Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Step 4: Drying
  • Step 5: Separate Packaging
  • Step 6: Autoclaving & Storage

All used instrument is goes in sterilization process that ensure you that all the instruments that are going to be used for treating your dental problem are 100% clean and germ free.


Instrument Cleaning & Sterilization process at our Sanjivani Dental Hospital-Rajkot


Medical Emergency Kit

Medical emergencies like hypertension, hypoglycemia, asthma, chest pain, breathlessness, allergy, stroke, epilepsy attack etc. may occur anytime in any patient walking normally into the clinic & can turn fatal anytime.

We have digital Blood pressure monitoring machine, pulse oxymeter, glucometer, ambubag, oxygen cylinder, injectable drugs. IV set and syringe.

At sanjivani dental hospital, we are equipped with Medical Emergency first aid kit so that emergencies can be handled till you shift to big hospital.

Digital record

When whole world are in digitization, we also moves towards digital record of all data of patients, so we can find it easily, we store patient’s medical history, dental treatment, dental x-ray, and dental photos,

Even patient can book appointment in our website, which display real time slot booking so he/she will find convenient timing for dental checkup at sanjivani dental hospital- Rajkot


Fire Safety

Emergency may occur any time, that’s why at sanjivani dental hospital- Rajkot we follow fire safety measures. We are prepared for emergency situations like fire.

We have all the measures like emergency exits, manual call outs, fire extinguishers, safe assembly area etc. At the same time we have a well trained staff that is aware of the protocol for emergency procedures.

Biomedical Waste Management

We treat every day lots of patients as a result of various procedure lot of biomedical waste (BMW) is generated. If not disposed of properly, it may cause harm to all those who come in contact with the materials as well as the environment.

We are registered with Distromed Bioclean pvt ltd to disposed all bio medical waste safely

And we received certificate from Gujarat pollution control board. 


Electric Generator

Electricity is prime requirement of any procedure, any disturbance or cut out of electricity may create problems in dental treatment, and patients may have to wait or may require additional appointment.

So for betterment of patient we have Generator to produce electricity and we can do our dental procedure even in electricity cut or faults, treatment will not hamper nor need to reappoint for same reason.

Dental Disposables

We use maximum disposal items like water glass, suction, disposable gown, sponges, cotton roll etc. This will helps in maintain good hygiene in our dental hospital, reduce contamination.

Disposable instruments and equipment eliminate the time and costs of constant cleaning and sterilization of reusable. Staff can spend less time on cleaning and more time on working to care for patients


Clean and relaxing ambient

Calm color of hospital, pleasant fragrance, and soft soothing background music in our hospital helps our patient to get relax and calm.

Our dental hospital has well-ventilated area so no typical hospital odor like medicine and spirit smell. And one can breathe fresh air.

Soothing sounds help to re-tune your brain to cope with stress better by replenishing brain energy. Hence our dental treatment experience will remain joyful, People get mental relief from busy life,

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