Diamond on teeth-Sparkle your smile with Teeth Jewellery

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Diamond on tooth is a fashion trend initially worn by many celebrities but now many people can do this to sparkle his smile

Tooth jewellery is the most upcoming fashion, with crystals in various colours to suit your personality. A dental jewel is a diamond or another stone, which can be fixed on your teeth to a sparkle your Dazzling Pearly Teeth.

This dental diamonds are high reflective glass crystals designed specifically for dental use. The crystals have a special coating layer on the back and their facet cut reflects the light and makes it sparkle like a diamond.

The dental jewel can last a relatively long time; it is however limited by the stress put on the decorated tooth and dental care. If the jewel gets loose unexpectedly, it is possible to reattach it

Tooth Jewellery bonding procedure

During the consultation, you decide the type of jewel and the tooth, to which the jewel should be attached. After checking the health of the selected tooth, the jewel can be attached. The application of a tooth jewel is a completely painless procedure, which does not require any anaesthesia.

The tooth is first cleaned with a prophylactic paste, dried and isolated.

Teeth is itched to increase bond strength of dental jewel and a light-curing bonding agents is applied and cure with specific blue wave length light.

With help of small flow of composite jewel is place and pressed into the centre of the composite. Specific blue wave length light is focus on it to get fixed with teeth.

Regardless of your choice, make sure you maintain your oral health by brushing floss daily, in addition keep up with your routine dental cleanings for optimal hygiene.

If you want a wow factor on your smile, this is a new craze trending across the world, to be really unique, noticeable smile with top-quality tooth jewellery.

Tooth diamond procedure video

Facts & Features of Tooth Jewellery

  • This procedure is completely painless, does not require any anaesthesia
  • It does not damage your teeth as it is non-invasive, Does not harm the tooth
  • Short procedure time about 10-15 mint
  • Does not require any extra maintenance.
  • It is completely reversible procedure. It can be removed or replaced anytime& has no effect on the tooth
  • No drilling or no holes
  • It does not get stain
  • It does create any problem with brushing or while eating food

Event special smile Design

Your Smile introduces you to the world & reflects the true beauty! Special appearance with the stunning smile makes sense,

Certain even like

  • For life event -marriage!
  • For College Functions or Festival Celebrations!
  • For Business Meeting, get to gathers, kitty party

People are crazy to add wow factor on his smile. A brighter whiter smile makes you feel more confident and makes a memorable impression on others. Moreover your smiles are going to be captured in hundreds of photographs that will be lifetime memories. your wedding day will be the day that you have smiled most so far. The photographer would ensure he gets the best smile from you every single time he clicks

On your special occasions, celebrations & professional gatherings, you are the most important person; in fact the star of the day. A lot goes into making you the stars and quite a few details that demand attention. Here is your opportunity to get your smile makeover that will make you shine like a celebrity!name on teeth by dentist

“Avoid end moment consultation.” Without any delay, as soon as you fix your special day, visit us for consultation & mock up trial to appreciate the preview of your end smile.

Commonly ask questions

Is the Jewellery for males or females?

Usually female are more conscious about her look and teeth because jewellery is conventionally a female domain although, we’re now seeing men experimenting with it more than ever before. So we could say it is individual choice without any gender defence

How dentist fix diamond on teeth?

 we at sanjivani dental clinic we are using resin bonding system to fix diamond on teeth, the advantage of teeth system is  we no need to drill or make hall  and nor damage your teeth.

Does the application procedure hurt?

NO! – Dental diamond on teeth is a completely pain less procedure and not require any kind of anaesthesia There is no drilling involved and the procedure is completely safe.

How do I remove the tooth Jewellery when I no longer want it?

Yes it is completely reversible procedure, and your teeth going to be same as before looks like

If you would like to remove your tooth Jewellery then it can be taken off by a dentist at any time

How long dental diamond is last for?

The lifespan of dental diamond is never guaranteed. There are many factors that affect it, particularly your dental hygiene habits. Calcium level of tooth enamel (affect on bonding) Tooth gems like diamond or special later typically last a minimum of 6 months, but can last a lifetime with proper care.

What is the cost of diamond fixing on teeth?

At sanjivani dental clinic the range is 1400-2500 IN depending on which dental jewel you select

Does diamond on teeth is a real diamond

No is it not a real diamond. Material for dental diamond is high reflective glass crystals designed specifically for dental use. Real diamond cannot fix directly on teeth because of highly polish surface for that we need to make small hall on teeth, second factor is high cost. If still someone is desirable to fixing real diamond we can only fixed on teeth only person has to bring their own diamond.

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