Why dental treatment is costly?

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Why dental treatment is costly?

Are you delaying your dental treatments because of the costs it involves? Wondering why are these treatments so expensive? Here, we give you justified answers to all your questions regarding the costs of dental treatments.

In any industry, an upward variation in the cost is obvious subject to the various factors that influence the price hike of the service and/or goods. In the same manner, there are many factors affecting the costs of dental treatment. Let us look at these factors in detail.

Materials and equipment costs

Dental services are provided by trained doctors who go through many years of rigorous training. The cost of dental equipment during the course of education and the years of practice is a lot.

Moreover, a dentist has to invest a lot of money in the infrastructure, latest equipment’s, tools, materials, digital technology and machines in the clinical practice.

The materials and instruments of good quality and standard are expensive and many of them are imported from other countries to India. Thus, the charges for your dental treatment will also depend on the materials chosen.


The equipment are not just heavy on the dentist’s pocket but they have high maintenance costs too. Additionally, surgical tools, medicaments used in dental treatments including local anesthetic solutions add to the cost.

Dentists also have to pay the laboratory for the technical work of dental crowns, dentures, veneers etc.

 A highly skilled dental technician will charge the dentist handsomely for this kind of dental work. Also, the sterilization units used for sterilizing instruments are costly and difficult to maintain.

Ultimately, all these factors reflect on the cost of dental treatments.

Your neglect costs you more

In India, lack of oral health awareness still prevails. People do not attend to their dental problems in early stages and visit a dentist only in extreme situations.


Thus, prevention is far from being reached in India. The truth is, dental treatment doesn’t cost you as much as your neglect towards dental care does.

A small cavity in a tooth if detected early can be treated by a dental filling which is not very expensive. But if it is ignored, it progresses to a stage where it cannot be treated by a simple Dental filling but requires a more extensive and invasive procedure called root canal treatment which is more costly.

If this is further ignored, the person loses a tooth as it would need to be extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth, only adding costs to the dental treatment.

So it is time we start thinking about preventing dental problems because ”Prevention is better than cure”.

It is advisable to invest time and money to look after your teeth throughout your life to avoid paying high dental bills. The day we start opting for preventive dental treatments, we won’t find dental treatments expensive.

Dental treatment cost is cheaper in India

Dental tourism to India is gaining popularity since past many years. Dental tourism is the practice of travelling to another country to undergo dental treatments at affordable prices.

The cost of dental treatments in India is considerably lower than other countries like the USA, UK or European countries.

The comparison of dental treatment charges in different countries is given below. This is the major reason India sees a huge influx of patients coming from other countries for their dental treatments.


How can you reduce your dental bill?

Maintaining good oral hygiene and having an awareness of the nature of dental diseases is the first step to cutting down on the costs of dental treatment. Take good care of your teeth by brushing twice daily and using additional oral hygiene aids like floss, mouthwash and inter-dental brushes.

Visit your dentist for regular dental checkups to detect any problems with your teeth or gums at an early stage. Listen to your dentist’s advice and get all the necessary treatments done at the earliest.

Delaying dental treatment will only progress the problem and add to the treatment costs. Keep up with annual professional teeth cleaning appointments and start considering preventive measures to keep your teeth and gums healthy by talking to your dentist.

Dental insurance

If you are finding dental bills heavy there is someone that can help you. Yes! Dental insurance.

Dental insurance refers to the cover provided for dental procedures (not including cosmetic dentistry) that are deemed necessary by a medical professional. Procedures would be classified under either preventive or diagnostic.

Most health insurance companies in India do not provide any coverage for dental procedures as they fall under the cosmetic treatment category. However, procedures arising out of accidental injuries are often covered by insurers.


Healthcare cost rise every year because it ongoing research for betterment of humanity, doctor also need to invest so much money and time to get Degree and training.

Dental treatments are made more successful and patient friendly with the use of technology. So, it is obvious that more specialized the clinic, heavier are the expenses. But as compare to western country in India it is 10 times cheaper with same quality treatment.

But I would say anything related to health is more important to buying mobile, car or expensive watches, which cost you even more than your dental treatment. If you are healthy, eventually you can earn and buy anything.

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